Shake well.

Spray TORPEDO WAX leather revive directly onto soft, clean cloth.

Apply moistened cloth to leather and buff to a natural shine

Recommended to use on smooth, finished leather surfaces including leather furniture, car interiors, shoes, briefcases...


**Do not use on suede, nubuck, Natuzzi brand or any unfinished leather.


About LEATHER REVIVE: Ready To Use Leather Cleaner

Clean & Condition: All-In-One Leather Care Kit

Versatile Formula: Work Just About Anywhere

The Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit will breathe new life into your leather, helping it achieve the natural look and feel of soft, fantastic leather. The Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are both OEM approved, and are colorless and odorless so they will assure the natural leather scent and color are left intact. Mistreated or neglected leather can result in drying, aging, and cracking, so cleaning and conditioning is very important to keep leather looking its best. Treat your leather right with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaners and Conditioners and it will look absolutely stunning

Leather was once the skin of an animal, so leather care is just like skin care. To properly nourish and protect leather, you must first clean away any oils and impurities with LEATHER REVIVE. Condition and nourish the leather to restore a silky smooth texture and fresh new scent. Nourish natural tanned leather hides and synthetic materials, preventing them from drying out, cracking, and fading from the wear and tear of regular use. LEATHER REVIVE replenishes essential nutrients like Vitamin E that are regularly depleted by harsh elements like the sun. Regular keeps leather looking clean, feeling silky smooth, and soft and supple to resist cracking and breaking prematurely.

TORPEDO WAX LEATHER REVIVE aren’t just for the leather in your car. they work throughout any car, home, office, and anywhere fine leather needs attention. Use LEATHER REVIVE on fine natural leather, durable sealed leather, versatile synthetic leather upholstery, leather clothing and apparel, leather accessories, bags and saddles, shoes and boots, jackets and pants, couches and chairs… the possibilities are endless! Clean, maintain, and protect any type of natural or synthetic leather material.