Shake well.


Spray TORPEDO WAX rain-rip directly onto the windows/mirrors of your vehicle.


Spread evenly and buff off with a microfibre. Use window wiper to clean off any excess of the surfaces for a perfect streak free, hydrophobic finish every time.


**For optimal results, wipe evenly over surface and remove excess.


About RAIN-RIP: Streak shine no water marks

Versatile for all Clear Surfaces

Built In Repellent: Repel Rain & Water

RAIN-RIP is the gentle ammonia-free formula safe for any window tint film. Other cheaper glass cleaners work by using harsh and toxic chemicals to demolish anything and everything on the surface, including your tint! The harsh chemicals stain and cause unsightly bubbles that ruin the look and functionality of your tint and, over time, cause the adhesives to degrade and the delicate film to peel away. With RAIN-RIP,  dirt and debris simply disappear with a few sprays, but your tint stays right on your window where it belongs.

we know that there isn’t just one type of glass or plastic on your car. Use RAIN-RIP to clean all of them thoroughly and safely without installing streaks or spots. From clear plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows, headlights, and tail lights to LCD navigation screens, mirrors, and windows, RAIN-RIP cleans them all with a gentle touch.  There’s always that one streak that gets away and it seems like once you clean it, you immediately notice another one! Put that futile and endless wiping to rest and finally experience the true definition of clear and open your eyes to a whole new world

There’s nothing worse than cleaning your window and then having a fine layer of dust settle on your newly clean window just minutes later! The friction generated from rubbing the surface with a towel creates a magnet that dust is immediately attracted to. RAIN-RIP obliterates that attraction by using static-inhibiting agents that dissipate the charge generated by rubbing the towel on the glass, meaning once your window is clean, it won’t attract as much dust and water.